Sharah-Nuzhat-un-Nazar - شرح نزھۃالنظر فی شرح نخبۃ
March 22, 2018
Seerat Rasool Akram (SAW) - سیرت رسول اکرم ﷺ
Seerat Rasool Akram (SAW)
March 22, 2018
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The Enlightenment of Hadith


Author :
Mawlana Bilal Abdul Hai Hasani Nadwi

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The Enlightenment of Hadith

By:- Syed Bilal Abdul Hasani Nadwi

Translated By:- Syed Misbahun Nabi Hasani

A selection of forty Hadiths from the narrations of Hadrath Abu Hurairah (Rdh) which are short ones and cover important subjects and are strong in credentials. Thereafter, it was considered that the translation should be made with short notes for the general benefits of the children as well as elders who like to memorize forty hadiths and achieve the credits of the hadith: “Whoever memorizes forty Hadiths in the matter of his religion, Allah will make him an Islamic jurist and I will recommend his salvation and stand as witness on the Day of Judgement”.

Pages: 136

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